Thursday, November 01, 2012

So long, old friend

It was spring of my junior year when my parents took me shopping for my first car.  I believe I was home for Easter break at the time.  We were preparing for my student teaching the following year and knew I would need my own set of wheels.  Maybe it was because I was the girl in the family (or more likely it was just because I was their favorite), but my parents decided to purchase new instead of used for me, unlike the two boys.  The deal was that mom and dad would pay for the first 2 years of payments and then the rest would be my responsibility.  Don't I have great parents?  I remember when we were looking at different cars actually taking into consideration the fact that I would probably still own it when starting a family, so I wanted 4-door rather than 2-door.  But I never really expected to own it as long as we have.  I have been with Pepper longer than I've been with David.  That's really something!

So anyway, I'm thrilled that we sold our car tonight and can I just say that David Gafford is THE MAN when it comes to buying and selling things for amazing prices.  However, there will always be a place in my heart for my first car.  And her name was Pepper.  So long, old friend.

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