Monday, November 05, 2012

Fun in New York

 My younger brother Matt and his family live just a couple of hours away from our parents, so we were blessed with their company for a couple of days while we were in Rochester.  Brogan and Addison did a pretty good job playing together on this trip and Addison showed poor Payton the same "disrespect" he usually gets from his brother.  Poor Payton :-)  Life is tough when you try playing with the big kids' toys.

Grandpa raked up a pile of leaves to play in and then took the kids on a ride in his wagon. 

He made the mistake of stopping by the raspberry bushes along the way.  Addison and Brogan remembered that little stop and were sure to return there after Grandpa had gone inside.  Poor grandpa; no more raspberries for him!

 The next day we went to the Strong Museum of Play in Rochester.  Pretty sure we've gone there every time we've visited Rochester thanks to Mom and Dad's grandparents membership.  So much fun to be had...

 Super Addison climbing up the wall of a tall building...

My, what big eyes you have!

Riding the train with Brogan, Uncle Matt, and Mommy.

Silly faces!

Dressing the scarecrow.

And last but not least, a ride on the carousel!

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