Saturday, November 29, 2008

To Indiana and back

We've just returned from our trip to Indiana and back. It took us a very long 11 hours to get there and a much more reasonable 9 1/2 hours on the way back. (Don't worry, it wasn't all due to speeding.) We just decided it wasn't worth the extra hour and a half to avoid Chicago by taking a bunch of country roads, so we sailed right through the Windy City today in order to shave off some extra time. It proved to be a good decision (in spite of the probably $10 we spent on all the tolls). Allie was a trooper and with the help of half of a little pink pill, slept contently in her crate the entire trip.

We arrived Monday night after the above mentioned 11 hour drive. We hate long drives, so that was a very long day for us. But we made it:-) Tuesday we awoke and promptly got busy helping Mom Gafford in the final Thanksgiving grocery shopping and early food preparation. I proudly baked my very first (solo) pies.

The Apple Pie

The Cherry Pie

I also made a batch of my mom's cresent rolls, but forgot to take a picture of them... David made a peanut butter pie (his own creation) that tasted just like a Reece's cup. Again, no picture. Sorry.

After seeing the new Bond movie with David's parents and brother-in-law, Nate, we met David's sister Julie and kids for dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant in Marion: La Charreada. After dinner, Allie met her cousins Emily, Lauren, and Olivia. Throughout the evening with the safety of Allie staying leashed on our laps, the girls gradually worked up their courage to pet Allie. The real courage came out the next day.

Wednesday was occupied with more food preparation and the arrival of David's cousin Shawna's family. Little Lauren grew more and more brave around Allie and later declared Allie her new "best friend" because "Allie is so so cute!"

That evening we celebrated Dad Gafford's retirement from Delphi as most of the remaining family members arrived.

Thursday was a typical American Thanksgiving. Parade, eating, football, eating, etc. All the food was delicious!

On Friday we had the opportunity to meet up with David's college roommate and his wife, Steve and Lori Anthony. The four of us traveled in the University Chorale while at IWU and we haven't been able to see each other in about 2 or 3 years. We enjoyed dinner together (at La Charreada's again), drinks at Starbucks, and ended the evening at Nate and Julie's new house in Sweetser. Steve and Lori's little boy Aiden and Lauren became pretty good buddies right away. Here they are dancing to the music coming out of whatever toy was sitting at their feet.

The Gafford Family
November 2008


Chris said...

You guys got to get the I-Pass. When we lived in Wisconsin it became a life saver for us. Plus most of the tolls with the I-Pass are half off.

You can also use it now to pay for the 80/90 toll roads and many more all the way to the east coast!

Glad you guys had a good time!

The Hofer Fam said...

Wow, that brought back memories. We were going to make the trip too but decided against it the night before because of the 12 hours it would take. We could have hooked up. I heard your mom's crescent rolls were a hit at the VanHarken's this year. I got to talk to your mom too. Sounds like they were having a great time...without us. How dare they!!! No 5'2 eyes of blue.