Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Renovation Update #?

The master bedroom is finally painted! Colleen came over Monday night to help cut in because she LOVES painting. We were glad to let her:-) David gave me a break from rolling, since I'm pretty sure I've given myself carpal tunnel with all the painting that I've done. I just had to play Statue of Liberty and hold the trouble light for the painters (since we were painting after dark). David just put the second coat on this evening, with the help of my lighting assistance. So, tomorrow I will replace all the electrical and light switch plates, clean all of the dust from sanding on Monday, and put the room back together again. We still have to put down wood trim along the floor (since we had to rip up the old stuff when we laid the wood floor), but that will probably wait until Mom and Dad Gafford come in a few weeks.

Nothing too exciting to report, but I'm banking on "boring news is better than no news."

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