Sunday, October 14, 2007

Birthday continued...

Following our photo shoot, we headed down to the Mall of America for a little shopping (that turned into more than a little shopping). We enjoyed composing Christmas lists as we meandered the mall. We finished up with dinner at David's favorite (fast food) Mexican restaurant, Q'doba. We used to have one just down the road from us when we lived in Michigan, but now that we live in Minnesota we've had to drive to the west side of the cities to get to one. David was thrilled when the Mall of America gave him a Q'doba for his birthday present!

Later on when we got home, we cooked up some s'mores on the grill (since we never got down to the campfire Friday night). We discovered that if you put the chocolate on the graham cracker on the grill while you toast the marshmallows, the chocolate gets all melty by the time the marshmallows are ready. It's really messy that way, but delicious!

Today has just been a relaxing day. It's kind of rainy and overcast, so just a good day to stay in and curl up in fleece pants and a blankie and watch football. We went to Famous Dave's for lunch to redeem David's birthday certificate for a free desert. FYI the Khalua Brownie Sundae was much more than we could handle.

Back to Weight Watchers tomorrow, but it's been a fun and yummy birthday weekend!

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Laurel said...

Shoooooooooot. I forgot your birthday!!! I think this is the first time in three years that I didn't call and sing! I'm a bonehead. Can you forgive me???