Sunday, October 14, 2007

Happy Birthday, David!

Today is David's birthday! He was fortunate enough to be able to schedule himself off this weekend at church, which freed us up to be able to spend more time together than usual and do some things that we've never done before and others that we always enjoy. It's been a 2-day celebration. Saturday morning we took Allie for a walk to enjoy a beautiful fall morning.

After that we went out for lunch. Since we've been eating healthy lately, trying to avoid all the fattening things we enjoy so much, we decided to do a "taste of" kind of lunch. We made a stop at Pei Wei to split the lettuce wraps appetizer...

And then we continued on to Zantigo's to enjoy the hot chillitos. Yum!

After that, we drove to Minneapolis where we found the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. We'd never been before, but have heard that it's a great place to take pictures. So, we actually planned ahead and brought the tripod. Did I mention how beautiful of a day it was?

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Kim and Joel said...

Happy Birthday David!
The pictures are great of you all! Hey Melissa, You wouldn't happen to be going to Women of Faith this weekend would you? I am going to be there with my mom, aunt, etc. Let me know!