Monday, November 13, 2006

Fun at the MOA

David's parents flew into town on Saturday and after David and I picked them up from the airport we decided to swing over to the Mall of America for a while since it's pretty much right across the street. We took the opportunity to visit the world's largest underwater aquarium, Underwater Adventures. It was really cool. You go through these glass tunnels with fish, sharks, stingray, turtles, you-name-it, swimming all around and over you. It was very entertaining.

David got to pet a stingray. He said it felt really smooth.

I think our favorite part was the tank of coral. It was really cool to see the incredible variety!


Anonymous said...

Oh wow!!! That is awesome! I LOVE aquariums and have yet to see one with the tunnels!

David...I haven't seen your parents since I was a kid...THEY LOOK THE SAME!!! How can that be?!?!? LOL

Dan & Angie said...

You guys got some really good pics! I miss you guys a lot!!! We are horrible friends for not getting together with you in a long time! Nov & Dec are busy ones at church aren't they!

Love you,