Monday, November 13, 2006

More free tickets!

The ticket fairy came to the Gafford household again! This time we had the opportunity to go to a Minnesota Timberwolves game. I've never been to an NBA game and was actually very excited about it. (Those of you who know me well are probably shocked!) But the thing that made it all the more fun was the fact that our seats were Row 9, seats 1 & 2! ROW 9! Not even in the middle of row 9, but the end! We were so close to the court that there were actually waiters and waitresses coming to take orders so you wouldn't have to leave the game for your concessions. You can see in these next few pictures how incredible our view was (and also the fact that it's hard to take clear pictures of NBA action!)

We thoroughly enjoyed the half time show provided to us by the Twin Cities Jazzercise group. It consisted of about 80 women, 4 little girls, and 1 man. Very entertaining!

Unfortunately, the Timberwolves lost this game, but we had a VERY fun experience anyway! Thanks so much, Terri for the tickets!


Henry said...

You guys will be sports addicts like the rest of us before long! Henry

Kristen said...

I saw the Timberwolves play the Pistons in Grand Rapids. That was fun. If you were anything like me, you knew these guys were tall... but they also make the basket look so much smaller than it does when I stand next to it!

Kim and Joel said...

Sounds like fun! Jazzercise? I didn't know they were still around. You gotta wonder what the ONE man is doing in the group!

Kim and Joel said...

Are you guys OK? We haven't heard from you in a while.