Saturday, July 01, 2006

Here I sit waiting

One of these days I'm going to post "WE SOLD THE HOUSE!" I wish it was today. Regretfully it is not. I can tell you however, that we've given up on FSBO and have listed with an actual real estate agent. Hopefully that will speed things along a bit. I'll be glad when I'm no longer the one fielding all of the calls about the house. Everyone wants a basement in Michigan. We don't have a basement. But we've got the square footage to make up for it. Don't people know that basements leak and they smell musty? Our finished loft above the garage is exactly like a basement only you walk UP stairs to get there instead of DOWN. And it doesn't leak or smell musty. This however is something that I've had a difficult time convincing people of. Let's hope our realtor does a better job than I did. (He better for the amount of money he'll be getting...).

We have absolutely loved this house during our 3 years here; but I've got to tell you, I can't wait to get rid of it. This house is the only thing standing between me and moving forward in life! Here I sit, no job, just waiting to sell a house so we can finally move. Any day now....really.


Hummel Family said...

we will pray extra harder for you!!!!!

The White Valley Trail Master said...

I know the feeling. It's worth the money to let someone else deal with it.

Keetha said...


When we moved from Bluffton to Marion our house took FOREVER to sell. I thought God had forgotten us. (Well, not really - - - but if felt that way)

BUT in His time it sold. He had GOOD REASON for the wait. I HOPE I learned a valuable lesson in the process.

You hang in there - - - keep trusting. You wouldn't want anything but his first best plan, and that is what you will get if you wait patiently on him.

Want to know the rest of my 'house' story????? E-mail me and I'll tell you more.

Love you!!!!!!

Kris & Megan Hutsell said...

Melissa - I hope you sell your house soon. I know of some others who've had the same frustrations.
Thanks for the comment on Alivia. I think we've ruled out any allergies and she's actually doing much better. She likes to be held alot and I've changed her eating schedule around a little bit and it's helped a bunch. We're still getting to know her, so I know it will take some time. Thanks for the comment. Megan

Kim and Joel said...

I am sure that will be a huge weight off your shoulders! It will happend, don't worry. I agree with the whole realtor thing-I totally should have done that instead of nursing...well, maybe not so much