Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Life's picking up

It seems as though the pace of my life is starting to pick up finally. This is a good thing. I know I still have a ways to go before my life is back to "normal", but it's nice to have things to do each day. I thought I'd share some highlights of the last several days.

Our church had a baptismal service on Saturday morning at a nearby lake. It was followed up by a picnic. The weather was fantastic and it was such a great opportunity for us to meet people from church in a more relaxed setting. No one was in a rush; we had time to just sit and visit for a while. That helps me so much when it comes to remembering new people, especially their names!

We've moved into our second house this week. Allie thinks she's died and gone to heaven because we are now living with THREE other dogs. The Bents have 2 dachsunds (Annabelle and Dexter) and an 11-week old retriever pup named Ellie. So we have an Allie and an Ellie. It's been a little confusing. We'll say "Ellie, No!" and Allie will look at us like, "What did I do?" Or we'll say "Allie, come" and Ellie will come romping up to us. It's been fun. Allie loves playing with other dogs. but it's taken them a couple of days to come to the point where they want to play at the same time. Usually, the other three will be playing and Allie will stand back and watch, or Allie will want to play and the others won't be interrested. By the end of the week they should have it all figured out...just in time for us to move to the next house!

David and I had the opportunity to participate in our first small group meeting EVER! None of our former churches have had small groups. We've really missed out; we had a great time tonight getting to know other couples our age. We look forward to continuing on with this group for a while and hopefully lead one of our own once things settle down a bit. We also look forward to recruiting their help when we unload our moving trucks! That's what small groups do, right? :-)

I continue looking for a job. The search is going well, though, compared to when we moved to Michigan. I've been able to meet the right people who are helping my resume move through a little faster than if I were on my own. I have an interview scheduled at one of the local puplic elementaries for Monday morning at 11:30 and then also a possible interview at the Christian school on Monday as well. We'll see how it goes. I figure I'll give it my best shot and leave it up to God. He knows what I can handle better than I do and He won't give me more than I can take.

I'll close with this picture of Ellie, the retriever puppy. She's growing up with dachsunds, which are a very small breed of dog. Ellie seems to think that she is also a small dachsund because she frequently tries to fit in small spaces or under low objects. Here she is "hiding" from Allie underneath a dining room chair. She's got a real clumbsy phase coming her way real soon as she discovers her true size! We've gotten a real kick out of Ellie and are enjoying the fun of the puppy phase without the responsibility of the puppy phase.


the lambs said...

Sounds like "The Ugly Dachsund"...except that she's not a Great Dane. I'm glad things are moving forward in the job dept! We'll pray that the interviews go well.

Dan & Angie said...

Glad you guys are doing well ... we're so excited for you. Hope to see you soon!