Saturday, June 10, 2006

In good company

Mom and Dad Gafford came up for a visit this weekend. Mom helped me with packing and getting ready for a yard sale and Dad worked diligently on ALL KINDS of projects, including taking down certain fixtures that we'd like to move with us (i.e. surroud sound, pot rack, under-cabinet CD player, etc.). They were a HUGE help and great company for the weekend!

Here we are eating dinner at Filippas, the restaurant that we've passed twice a day, every day for 3 years without stopping to try it. We should have stopped sooner because the prime rib was to die for.


the lambs said...

What a cute couple!

Hummel Family said...

Parents are the BEST! What would we do without them? It looks like you guys had a nice time together...and got alot accomplished.

We'll see you in a week! (depending on when you actually get here!)


worshipful1 said...

I just saw this picture. I always loved the Gaffords! :) Great family! And you must be so happy with your in-laws! :) God's blessed you!