Saturday, May 13, 2006

Northridge Church

During the last couple of months, we have had the privilege of visiting many different churches around the country, and our favorite by far has to be Northridge Church in Plymouth, Michigan. Melissa and I have visited some of what are currently considered the "best" churches in the United States over the past 10 weeks, but for some reason we continue going back to Northridge week in and week out. Northridge is about 50+ minutes away from our home, and construction is a bear on M-14 this time of the year, but I really think that we would park at the exit ramp on I-275 and walk the additional 2 1/2 miles to the church if we had to each week. Never before have I encountered such a relevant church ministry.

Each series hits straight to the point, and finds reinforcement through multiple creative elements such as video, drama, music, and more. For the last couple of weeks, Northridge has been doing a series called "Imarriage" based on the ever so popular Ipod, and just check out the pictures for creative decoration... I mean, who from my generation wouldn't like having a 15 foot tall Ipod on each side of the stage? If you haven't yet taken the time to get out of your comfort zone for a service, what better time than the present? Gather up the family and make a date to get out this Sunday or next! Services are 9:15 & 11:15 on Sunday morning, and there is a hot cup of coffee or tea waiting for you as soon as you hit the door. (There are even cup-holders in your seat...for your convenience) So, set the alarm clock a half hour earlier and stretch yourself one of these weekends. (if you live here in Michigan...) I promise, you will be glad that you did!


Jenn Swift said...

Hey, great thoughts. I'm doing something with my teen band where we are visiting different churches that are doing a bunch of different stuff to get better view points on what we do. I want them to experience a wide spectrum from everything to the highly attracional church to the way earthy, grass roots sort of thing. This in within our driving distance realm, so it's on the list now. Thanks.

matt and joelle said...

Did you check out Genesis yet?
12 mile just past 75 on the south side of the road, meets in the elementary school.

Love and miss you guys,