Monday, May 22, 2006

The Highlights

Up until now our excuse for not blogging has been that we've had nothing worth blogging about. My camera begs to differ however, because as I was transferring pictures onto my computer I realized we've missed several opportunities to blog. So I decided to make this post the highlights of the last week or so.

1. Last week "Uncle Gary" came over to have a jam session with David. Gary Rogers has been our master piano/keyboard/B3 organ player at Community Wesleyan and the two of them always have fun playing together. We had a good time catching up with him and enjoyed a great Mexican lunch together before he had to leave.

2. On Saturday we had our first Open House. We kind of planned it last minute so we didn't really have extrememly high expectations. It's a good thing, because we only had one couple come through. Hopefully we'll have a better response for our open house next week. Please pray with us that we can sell our house FAST!

3. Saturday night we went out with Mike and Laurel to celebrate Mike's birthday. We went to "Erma's" for dessert afterwards. This week's flavor: chocolate marshmallow. Happy Birthday, Mike!

4. When David and I moved here three years ago, God blessed me with two friends who love to sing. We quickly created a trio and have enjoyed singing together for various church services and ladies events over the past few years. Now that our time at Community is over, we thought we were finished as a trio. However, Chris (Guza for all you IWU alums) has been a part of a church plant in Capac for the past year and she arranged for the trio to sing a farwell concert at her church on Sunday. We had such a great time singing together one last time and the whole service was totally blessed. Thank you girls, for 3 great years as "Ladies Trio" and one concert as "Heart's Desire."

5. Lastly, an embarrassing moment to share with you. Before the concert on Sunday, I went to put my lipstick on but couldn't find a mirror. I decided to put it on blindly and then asked David how it looked. He gave me the strangest look and said "Dark". I looked down and saw that I was holding my eye liner, not my lipliner. Oops! Glad I asked him before it was too late. That could have been REALLY bad!

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Jim and Jaena said...

I did the "eye liner as lip liner" thing too're not alone! :-) Jaena