Friday, May 05, 2006

I Want My Baby Back...

No, Melissa isn't away on vacation without me, but what better title for a blog about smoking ribs! Our neighborhood loved us today as we made the entire street smell like a BBQ festival in Texas. We've never tried smoking and grilling ribs before, but see for yourself the results.

We started with a little 6 pound rack of ribs from the local market
and marinated them in Italian dressing overnight. We used Famous Dave's award winning Rib Rub and slathered it in Famous Dave's Sauce to finish. (For any of you who haven't heard of "Famous Dave's" BBQ restaurant, you truly need to check your area and make time to visit.) The smoke was provided by soaked Hickory chips and the grill was provided by the previous owners of our home. We met the previous owners at closing, and they asked us if we would like a free smoker grill. I had always wanted one of these beauties, and free was a price I just couldn't pass up.

We tried using the grill while we were building our deck, and we being "newbies" used match light charcoal throughout the cooking process. (If you haven't tried it, go makes your meat taste like lighter fluid.) Lately we hadn't even taken the cover off the grill in over a year, so we decided to give it a trial run and see if it was worth moving. As of right now, it's putting up a pretty convincing argument. I guess we'll have to "test" it out a few more times to decide for sure.

I don't know how many times I have watched the "Jack Daniels BBQ Invitational" on the food network, but today I finally felt like I was a part of it all. All I need to do now is convince Melissa to sell one of the cars and build a 20 foot version of this baby to take on the road! Look out world! There's a new "Famous Dave" in town!


worshipful1 said...

Looks like a great feast! The LOST update: Michael shot and killed Anna Lucia. Then Hurley's gonna-be-girlfriend walked in, not realizing what was happening, and surprised to see Michael, called out his name. In shock, he turned and shot her as well. Then he walked in to the cell that Henry has been in and turned the gun on himself. The previews for next week show that he shot himself in the arm. It's gonna be nuts! Good to see you are a fan as well!

TheGaffords said...

Wow! Thanks! So are both girls dead?

matt and joelle said...

Thanks for inviting us.......I knew I could smell somthing from here:)
Hey we are going to check out Genesis church in Royal Oak tomorow(church plant from kensington), service at 11:00 if you wanna join us.
You can find them at

matt and joelle said...

oops, if it is not
it is .org
hope to see you there

Dan & Angie said...

Hey Guys,

GOTTA weigh in on Lost here. It's just too much for me to resist when there's a psuedo-coversation about the BEST SHOW on the PLANET going on ...

Libby lives if you ask me (or pay attention to internet chatter - she'd better survive considering we don't know what the deal is with her crazy mental patient status). Pretty nutso if you ask me - good twist on an otherwise worthless episode ... if I were you, I'd drop the $1.99 and get it from iTunes!

BTW, the feast looks unbelievable (probably not possible to calculate the Weight Watchers points for Angie and me, eh?)! :-)

Jenn Swift said...

I'm in on LOST too. I don't think Libby dies because Michael looks locked in Henry's cell (unless they found another arsenal in the hatch) and I think it's because she is able to tell everyone that Michael did the shooting. Henry is NOT occupying the cell in the preview, so either he got away or Michael shot him and made it look like Henry shot Michael.

I think Michael did this 1. because he has been brainwashed. Or 2. because he was told by the "others" that they would kill Walt if he didn't go after Henry (remember how afraid Henry is of the man in charge)

Also... none of this would've happened had Ana Lucia NOT slept with Sawyer to get a gun. Bad call on her part.

Kerri said...

You guys are making me so hungry right now!!

Oh, and I think that Libby is still alive because in the previews for next week, Kate says "She's dead", not "They're dead." AHHH! This show is insane! I love it!

Kim and Joel said...

I haven't seen LOST before (still a survivor fan), but I love RIBS! The ones you made looked awesome!