Saturday, April 01, 2006

The Search Is On!

Greetings friends and family! I can't believe that it has taken us this long to get our little blog started, but here we go! To many of you from the past, the title "The Search" will mean something different, but in this case, i'm referring to our recent opportunity to "relocate" our family. Our Senior Pastor has resigned at Community Wesleyan Church, and thus according to the Wesleyan discipline I have resigned my position as Music Director. Melissa had been serving as a teacher in the church daycare, and has also resigned her position. So, the search is on! We've been able to take daily walks with the dog, paint almost every room in the house, and even test my skills as a handyman and plumber! So far, I have proved to be my father's son. (For those of you who don't know my father, that means i've passed the test.)

During our time looking for a position, we've decided to take a little time remodeling the house to get it ready to sell, and also maybe even write a blog. So, i'm sure with all the time on our hands that this blog will be updated frequently, so check back for your Gafford fix every now and then! I'm sure it will be a life-changing and white knuckled ride! Love to all!


Robin said...

Welcome to blogworld! It's nice to catch up with you, even though it's a little stressful for you right now. I'm excited to keep up with you and your adventures in the next few months!

Dan & Angie said...

Hey Guys! Angie and I were excited to stumble on your blog - pretty amazing how we've gotten reconnected with college friends since we started blogging! Sounds like an interesting time of transition for you guys ... we'd love to hear what's happening!

We're still living in Minneapolis and love it VERY much - visit our blog or shoot us an email sometime (you can find our addresses at