Saturday, April 29, 2006

Grilled Pizza

We've been waiting all winter, and this evening we enjoyed our first grilled pizzas of the season! Many of you are thinking "grilled WHAT?" But a couple of years ago we heard it could be done, so we found a recipe, tried it, and discovered it was a delicious new way to enjoy pizza. You can find the recipe by clicking on the following link. You basically just need the recipe for the dough and instructions on how to cook it. Go ahead and top it however you like. Tonight we did ham and pineapple with sweet and sour sauce. Incidently, this is a fun thing to make if you're having a group of people over. Everyone can participate and they usually leave impressed with your culinary abilities!

  • Grilled Pizza Recipe

  • Be brave and try it! Let us know how it goes!


    matt and joelle said...

    Sorry we missed it, would have enjoyed......Looks wonderful:)

    TheGaffords said...

    We'll do it again; that's for sure. We'll try to catch you the next time!