Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Pretend birthday and dedication!

Since Ethan's big first birthday is only a few weeks away we decided to celebrate his "pretend birthday" with my family while we're together for our annual Christmas in July (taking place in June this year...).  We also decided that since we haven't had the opportunity to dedicate Ethan to the Lord in church yet, tonight was the perfect opportunity while among a family of ordained ministers.  As an added bonus my Aunt Linda and Grandma (great-grandma) Liddick were able to join us for the evening!

Ethan has really only been tolerating any table food aside from Cheerios and puffs for a couple of weeks now.  But this kid put away that cupcake tonight like he'd been eating them for months!  Happy early birthday Bubby!  Thanks family for celebrating our boy today!

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