Monday, June 30, 2014

June Wrap-Up

 We seem to have packed in a whole summer's worth of activities into one month.  Because my folder of pictures on my computer for the month of June adds up to 720 items (and that's AFTER sorting through them and picking out the keepers).  Our calendar for the rest of the summer is darn near blank and that doesn't sound too bad to me!  Here are some highlights from the last week or so.

Addison has finally decided that she loves the Slip-N-Slide.  She was adamant that she would not participate when I got it out, but when I left the water spraying a mere inch, which eventually created puddles to splash in, she decided it wasn't so bad.  And it was her that kept returning to the faucet to increase the pressure.  At one point I had to tell her to actually turn it down because it was shooting Ethan in the face.  This picture doesn't really look like he was enjoying it, but he mostly did. :)

 The floppy hat club...

 Ethan officially turned one this week.  I'm glad I did it, but I'm also relieved that I no longer need to do these monthly photo shoots in his bedroom.  It has grown increasingly more difficult to keep blocks spelling his age and to keep him put so I can actually take a clear picture.

I can not turn my eyes from this guy for one second.  Not one.  He is into EVERYTHING!  And he climbs on anything possible.  Fortunately the ottoman was up against his crib when he did this (and unable to rock). 

 He DID get several riding toys for his birthday.  Contrary to what he thinks, this is not one of them.  But he climbs on top and plays rodeo nearly every single time he plays with this.

Addison finally got to meet baby Jackson yesterday!  This was one happy girl to get to hold a tiny baby again. We're looking forward to spending a couple of days a week watching this little guy when his momma goes back to work.

Jackson invited several of his best kid-friends over to watch the Fishers Freedom Festival parade go right by his house yesterday.

 Some parts of the parade were really loud!

Bubby was not a fan of the noise.

 But he WAS a huge fan of all the pretty girls dancing by advertising a local salon.  He was a REALLY big fan of them.

Happy Independence Day!

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