Thursday, February 27, 2014

February highlights

Here are some highlights from my February camera dump!

 Daddy, Addison, and Ethan goofing around in the basement.

We've had a tough time getting Addison out to play in the snow enough since I haven't really wanted to take Ethan out in it very much.  So we decided to bring some snow inside for her to play with.  She was able to paint the snow with watercolors and then as it began melting we were able to mold it better into various shapes and towers.  This kept her quite busy for at least an hour!

Ethan is doing a whole lot of this (crawling) right now.....

So we've had to do a lot of baby proofing this month!  Here he is playing in his little play yard :)

 Ethan looks like a little baby bird when waiting for the next bite of food!

We took this picture of Ethan in the bathtub....

 to match this one we have on the bathroom wall of baby Addison :)

Bath time is sure getting interesting with this guy crawling around and trying to stand up!

I thought this looked hilarious.  He sometimes amazes us at the size of toy he can fit in his mouth.  
It's frightening really.

Sweet moments with my not-so-little baby boy.

These monthly photo shoots are becoming more and more difficult to pull off!  I'd no sooner get him in his spot and he was crawling away.  This was the ONE keeper I got out of about 30 that I took.  
God bless the inventor of digital photography!

Happy 8 month birthday big boy!

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