Tuesday, April 09, 2013

One very happy little girl

For months she's been asking for it.  Every time she sees one in someone else' back yard, sees a picture of one, or sees one on display at a store, she says the same thing:  "Maybe Grandpa can make that for me at my house!"  The girl has been longing for her very own playset. 

Today Grandpa is making Addison's #1 dream come true.  He's building her very own playground, right in her back yard.  She has been giddy with joy and excitement watching him work.  Fortunately, it's now her afternoon rest time, so Grandpa's little helper has come back inside so he can work a little more productively.  It's not finished yet, but I wanted to share some pictures from this morning so you can see how excited she is already. 

 Addison is trying to make sense of the instructions so she can help coach Grandpa on what to do.

First trip down the slide!

She decided she needed to eat her lunch underneath.  She got a picnic blanket and packed her lunch into a picnic basket to take outside.

The blanket looked like a cozy place to take a nap...

 Look Mom, I think my chair will fit in there!

 Why must every child climb up the slide?

Thank you Grandpa!  I love my new playground!!
Won't she be surprised to find the swing-set attached when she gets up from rest time!  Still to come: a climbing ramp and a roof.

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