Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Food, friends, and flowers

When you are a "trans-plant" to the state where you live, and you have no family around, it is SUCH a blessing to have some "old" friends nearby. Dan and Angie are a good hour north of us, but we're so fortunate to have two fun cities, full of lots of things to do between us. We met on Monday in St. Paul at Como Park for a picnic. We probably spent 2 hours just sitting at the picnic table at the edge of the park, eating and talking. After that we popped over to the Conservatory to enjoy the beautiful flowers. We'd taken my parents to the Zoo a couple of years ago and that was a bit on the disappointing side, but the Conservatory was beautiful. (However, it does make me want to spend too much money on my own flower gardens at home...).

Dan and Angie Leverence

Melissa and Angie
Dan and David

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