Thursday, April 17, 2008

A new addition to the pond

My bird-geek is showing again. Last year I reported my excitement when the great blue heron showed up in our back pond. Tonight David discovered a new duck out back. (It gets a little old seeing the same old Canadian geese and mallards, so it's always exciting to see something new. ) I quickly whipped out my binoculars and bird book to identify our new friends as Bufflehead ducks. We have a male and female. They're fun to watch because they dive under water in search of food. I hope they stick around through the summer.

The male Bufflehead

The female Bufflehead

(How come in wildlife, the males are usually the more attractive?
That doesn't seem quite fair, does it?)


Halls said...

It isn't fair but that purple in the mail is absolutely beautiful.

matt and joelle said...

what 2 posts in two days?

TheGaffords said...

I'm trying to get better:-) I think spring has something to do with it.