Thursday, June 14, 2007

Arts Conference Day 2...

Yet another day at the Willow Creek Arts Conference! Today was the day that we had 4 breakout sessions all over the Willow complex. I started the morning with "Conducting an Effective Technical Rehearsal" and "Spiritually Preparing for Leading Worship." The technical rehearsal breakout was taught by Willow's programming director and their production director. It was quite interesting to see the interaction that these two had in their daily jobs and how different each of their responsibilities were. The latter class was taught by Rory Noland of "Heart of the Artist" authorship. It was great to be able to sit under some great thinkers today. Rory just came out with a book on Spiritual preparation for worship leaders, and today we got to hear about many of the principles in this new work. Some of the other guys sat in breakouts on creativity, intelligent lighting, front of house sound, drama ministry, and a few others.

We learned that the Willow complex is vast and multi-tiered in trying to find each session. I found that it is easiest to completely exit the Willow building to get from one side to the other. The cans of pop and Rice Krispie bars made the trip quite joyful between sessions. It is quite difficult to find others in your group in the midst of 7,000 people wandering around, but thank goodness for texting on cell phones.

Following our Roast Beef sub sandwiches that were provided, we all headed off to the second half of the breakouts. My third class was probably the best for me on the topic of "Continuity Of Design." We basically spent the 90 minutes talking about how to integrate our designs for each message series into all of our communications. Not just making the website match the series, but the entire building and all communicative materials. Definitely something to ponder as time goes by.

The final breakout that we almost all attended was titled, "A Weekend At Grainger." For those of you who don't spend massive amounts of time researching current church practices and who is effective reaching what types of people, Grainger targets their weekend services to 35-55 year old males and is quite successful. You can visit more of what they do by visiting Check out the media player on their site. There is some great stuff there to watch.

We finished our breakout sessions and made our way back to the hotel. After about an hour, we took off towards Giordanno's Chicago Deep Dish Pizzeria to immerse ourselves in the culture of the Windy City. What a great dinner!

We brought back leftovers, but now we're trying to give it away. We are stuffed!

Following dinner, we have continued the tradition of gathering all of the guys in the lobby and working together on creative names for portions of the Five Oaks Worship Arts website and blog. Right now, we just learned that a synonym for information is "hot poop" according to Seriously, check it out for yourself. Unbelievable. Just so you know, I don't think we'll be using that one.

Tomorrow we prepare for the 6 hour drive home, and we look forward to visiting the pink elephant once again. I realized that I didn't explain it earlier in yesterday's post, but when we stopped in Wisconsin to top off the gas tank we found a 12 ft. tall pink elephant next to the pump. Jonathan and Joel took turns posing next to the elephant while we snapped photos, and i'm pretty sure that we are going to hold these pictures over Jonathan's head for quite a while to come. Good times!Have a great weekend everyone!

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