Wednesday, September 03, 2014

The First Day of Pre-K

 Today was the beginning of an era.  We sent our first-born off to school for the very first time.  To say she was ready for it is more than an understatement.  She's really more ready for first grade if we're honest.  (NOT saying this because we think we're raising a child genius, please don't read that wrong.  More because she wants to sit at a desk, ride a school bus, and have homework like in the "big leagues".)  Mom and Dad were ready for this step as well.  Addison is a very social girl and every day is a challenge to keep her engaged in age appropriate play instead of playing with baby toys just so she has a playmate.  This will be so good for her and I'm excited to hear all about her new adventure.  I'm also excited to have some one-on-one time with my boy.

 Giving Ethan a kiss as she waited for the ok to head down the hall to her classroom.
 Ethan trying to figure out how to open sissy's lunchbox and help himself to a snack.  Food is always on this boy's mind.
 She found her cubbie!  Now hanging up her things...
 She turned right around from hanging up her backpack and got right on the floor and started playing with toys.  If we hadn't pulled her away to give hugs and say goodbye it would have easily been 11:00 before she'd even realized we'd left.  No tear-filled goodbye for the Gaffords this morning.  Just excitement for our girl on her fun new adventure!

Speaking of adventure, if you haven't been reading David's blog posts about his "adventure" in career change as well as a few family updates, you can catch up over here!

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Dr. Joseph Liddick said...

Very proud of you, Addison!!! Way to go!!!
Grandma Liddick