Sunday, April 27, 2014

10 Months old

 Ethan's such a stud that he can totally rock Addison's old pink baby swing!  (Don't worry, a blue one is in his near future thanks to some friends who have one to get rid of).  But let's be honest, does this look like the face of a baby who cares one bit about the color of his swing?

 Chilling out in the stroller during a recent trip to the zoo.

 Daddy was outside mowing in the back yard and Ethan just stood by the window watching him for the longest time.  I was so happy to have the camera all ready when David stopped by to say hello and they touched hands through the screen.  So sweet.

For the most part, Ethan is perfectly content just eating baby food and would rather avoid table food.  Although he did seem to enjoy his first taste of corn on the cob.

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