Sunday, January 05, 2014

Snow Day

Like much of the midwest, we are getting blessed with about a foot of snow today.  David and I agreed that we haven't seen snow this beautiful since we lived in Minnesota.  The flakes are huge and it's so lovely the way it covers the trees.  Since our church services were cancelled this morning and since we're expecting dangerously cold temperatures over the next few days (while today is still about 30 degrees), we decided to get out and play in the snow first thing this morning while we still could.  Addison and I worked together to build a snowman.  Addison was concerned that he didn't have ears, so we added some, making it look more like a snow bear.  She named him Olaf after the snowman in the movie "Frozen".  (I'm guessing there will be a lot of snowmen named Olaf this winter).  We later invited David and Ethan to come out and join us.  Ethan's baby sled was having a hard time gliding over the snow but he really seemed to enjoy it.  This was his first experience being out in the snow.  He got a kick out of the flakes falling on his face.  Shortly after we all came in the flakes quadrupled in size and the snow is really starting to accumulate quickly.  Poor Olaf is getting buried alive out there, but I guess he doesn't mind.

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