Thursday, March 28, 2013


We have been blessed with a little girl who is constantly making us laugh.  Better yet, she's not like me when I was her age and she doesn't usually mind it when we do laugh.  (I on the other hand would run off crying if my parents laughed at anything I said or did).

Before I tell you the funny thing she just said, it would probably help for you to know that she went to the dentist yesterday for her 6 month check-up.

So, we're in the kitchen and Addison is staying busy at the table playing with a bowl of snow from outside, a couple of spoons, a bunch of marbles, and a plastic frog.... and her imagination.  I'm at the counter beginning dinner preparations.  First things first, I'm shredding some cabbage.

Addison:  What are you cutting?

Me:  Cabbage

Addison:  If I don't brush my teeth I will get cabbage in my teeth.

Me:  If you don't brush your teeth you will get cavities in your teeth.

Addison:  If I don't brush my teeth I will get cabbagies in my teeth.

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