Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Adios Facebook

Though I've never given anything up for lent before, I am personally feeling led to give up Facebook for this season. It's too easily accessible on my phone and I find myself habitually pulling it up WAY too many times a day. What if I habitually pulled up my Bible app instead when I feel that urge? I will be deleting the FB app momentarily.

Facebook has been a very valuable tool to stay connected with family and friends from afar as well as share updates and pictures of Addison with her birth family. I hope to continue to share those same cute pictures and funny anecdotes through our blog which will automatically link to Facebook. I will not however log in to Facebook obsessively to see if anyone "liked" or commented on my post. ☺ If you read a blog post through FB, feel free to leave your comment right on the blog where I will actually see it.

I don't expect this to be easy. That's the ridiculous part. (I'm just certain that I'm going to miss out on all kinds of valuable information and big announcements!). And that's why it's important for me to part ways with FB for a while. Adios Facebook. See you after Easter...

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