Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Zoo Day

 While we were visiting Grandma and Grandpa we were able to meet Uncle Matt, Aunt Brianne, Brogan, and Payton for a fun morning at the Syracuse Zoo.  We haven't seen them since Christmas in July last summer, so we were excited to be able to finally meet baby Payton.  Addison talks about him all the time, so it was nice for her to actually see him in person.   It was an absolutely gorgeous day and all of us grown ups got our exercise keeping track of these two toddlers!

 Addison was excited to be able to help feed Baby Payton his bottle.  She's really into dolls right now, so Payton was pretty interesting to her!

 Addison falling in love with gummy worms.

 Payton decided he wanted to lay down to drink his bottle, so feeding him while we walked became a 2 person job.

 This was right before Brogan stuck his head through too far and got stuck.

 This picture captured the brief moment that Brogan and Addison were actually interacting with one another! :-)

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