Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

We just got back from taking our little bumblebee trick-or-treating at the Mall of America. It's hard to reason with a not-yet-two-year-old that she can't eat all of that candy right now. So after letting her eat 2 suckers and a Twix bar we figured we'd better call it quits or we'd never get her to sleep tonight. Unfortunately she still had a remnant of a sucker in her mouth when I put her in the car seat and upon choking on it for a few seconds, she ended up throwing up. The good news was that she got the chunk of sucker out of her throat. The bad news is that the wad of napkins in the glove compartment and the 6 wipes we had in the car didn't do a whole lot of good in fighting the mess. We were able to "stabilize" and make our way home.

Then it was time to pull the liner out of the car seat for laundering. (Somehow, this is the first time that it has required a wash). Oh. my. goodness. It will truly be a miracle if I ever get that thing put back together. I know I must have done it once before when the seat was new, but for goodness sake! I skinned my knuckles trying to unhook the carseat from those little safety latches.

In spite of it all, I'd do it again to see her have that much fun (though I'd check her mouth better before putting her in the car seat). This year Addison's "trick or treat" sounds more like "trick or meat", but we think that's cuter anyway!

So, happy Halloween everyone, and trick or meat!

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