Saturday, March 05, 2011

Feed My Starving Children

Our church hosted its third annual "Feed Event" this weekend. Actually, it's still going on for another day. We cancel services for the entire weekend and do nothing but pack meals for starving children around the world. Every year we've been challenged to invite friends/family members outside of the church to participate with us. However, having moved to the Twin Cities for a job at the church, not having any family living closer than 10 hours away, and with both of us working either at the church or a Christian school just down the road, we've had a difficult time finding anyone to invite. This year however, I've had a classroom full of second graders requesting a field trip to Feed My Starving Children all year, so I figured this was the perfect solution. This morning I had the opportunity to pack meals with 6 of my students along with their accompanying parents and siblings. We had a very fun time serving together, but more than that, I hope and pray that it was a meaninful experience for each of them. Here are a few pictures from our morning...

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