Saturday, March 13, 2010

Showered again!

Yesterday my students and their parents threw a shower for Addison and myself at school. It was fun to see my kiddos and hear their comments about Addison. The moms who put the shower together did a fantastic job of gearing it to the younger audience. They started out by giving each of the kids a card to write a note to second-grade-Addison. David and I really enjoyed reading through them when I got home. Some of our favorites include...

"Dear Addison, I hope you have fun in second grade. If you need to know 18+50 it's 68." (random, but helpful)

"Dear Addison, you will learn how to add 3 numbers at one time." (way to freak her out!)

"Dear Addison, I know you will be good in second grade. From your good friend ____. P.S. Here is a good math problem 200+500=700."

"Dear Addison, I think the best thing in 2nd grade is going outside. It is so much fun. Your mom is a great teacher. This is at your baby shower."

"Dear Addison, It is so much fun in second grade and your mom was my teacher and your mom is asum (awesome)." (she may need a little reminder of my awesome-ness by second grade).

"I hope you have a good year in 2nd grade. Do good in math. I do hope you learn a lot of stuff. You twinkle like a star!"

and my personal favorite.... (spelling mistakes included because it's cuter that way)

" If you have a litel sister she will be anowing." (annoying)

After writing their cards to Addison, they each made a model of Addison out of playdough (they could choose baby Addison or 2nd grade Addison) and had their picture taken with their model. We then enjoyed delicious cupcakes and punch and opened gifts. Once again, we were spoiled by many wonderful and generous treasures!

While I'm definitely sad that my time home with Addison is winding down to a close in a couple of weeks, I can't think of a better group of second graders to spend my days with.

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