Sunday, February 21, 2010

Happy birthday, Grandma Gafford!!

Addison heard it was her Grandma Gafford's birthday today and didn't want to have to wait until the end of the week to sing happy birthday to her. She asked us to record this little ditty for Grandma and post it to the blog for her to see.

This one was an outtake, but too funny to keep it to ourselves...


angie said...

The spit up one is classic. I said "oh no" out loud. Hilarious.

The Claar Family said...

I love it :) Both videos are great!

Anonymous said...

hey guys,i just found out you have a beautiful new daughter i was just thrilled for you both.i even got a little teary eyed and melissa you know i am not one to cry .your addison is precious . i want to send you a little something would you please send me your address.with love and prayers for your new life together as a family . diane rogers

Hey Dave & Melissa and Addison:
First of all CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To explain my comments just following Diane's, they moved to Florida 3 years ago due to employment. Usually one week in February we fly down and spend a week with them. While here I told them I had learned through Joy Engle about your precious baby girl. I called Joy last night to find out how to contact you. Thus, our comments.'

I have been able to record a great "ANSWER TO PRAYER" with the arrival of Addison. God is so awesome in details is He not?!!! She could pass for your birth child with her eyes and skin tone. I am so rejoicing with you and her arrival. Only A God in Heaven could have orchestrated such a miracle.

I am so thankful for the support group you have with your church family as well as your own families. Keep the pictures and blog going. It is so neat to see her growth from the beginning to now.
Love, Martha Beecher. Pastor Garry says "Hello" as well.