Saturday, October 17, 2009

Adoption Update

We shared earlier in the summer that we'd started the adoption process. Since I wasn't working during the summer, we were able to push through the home study process more quickly than normal. As the home study is nearly complete, the next step would normally be for us to put our profile into a pool from which prospective birthparents could choose us. However, God had different plans for our adoption...

We won't be placing our profile into a pool. God has matched us with a baby all on his own. And she's coming in just a couple of short months, due at the end of December. It has been truly amazing to witness God's hand through this whole process. I look forward to sharing more of our story over the coming months.
In the mean time, we're busily trying to prepare for her arrival. So I have a question for you... What baby products can I not do without? I would love to hear your suggestions!


the lambs said...

YAY!!!!! You have our list of baby gear! YAY!!!!!

angie leverence said...

Hey Melissa! We probably would have gotten this news face to face if we'd had dinner the other night! :) So happy for you guys! I can hardly believe how fast it's all gone for you. It's a blessing and a half.

The only thing I can think of off the top of my head is a Bumbo Chair.....gotta have it!

B,P,R,S & L said...

A Bjorn!! I don't leave the house without it with 3 girls under 5!

The Claar Family said...

What awesome news! We have a December baby, it's lots of fun :) Baby products that have been high on our necessity list include: absorbant pads for under the crib sheet (the thick, flannely kind that aren't noisy like the vinyl backed ones!), Aveeno baby lotion for chapped cheeks in the cold winter air, Desitin is our diaper rash cream of choice :), and cute clothes...yes, you need lots! I'm excited for you two, and excited to hear the story of how the match came to be. Congrats!!

Cilla said...

Congrats! I love our SwaddleMe. Levi sleeps amazingly wrapped in it! Oh, and I LOVE our Snap N Go stroller made by Baby Trend.

Robin said...

I don't know a thing about baby stuff, but CONGRATULATIONS! I'm so excited for you two! You are going to be fabulous parents!

jjjl said...

Hey Melissa,
I am so happy for you two. I have a 3 year old and an 18 month old. Both of them slept so well when they were swaddled in their SwaddleMes. Excersaucers and Bumbos are a must, but for the really litle ones some mirror books, a cosmetic mirror for tummy time (really any mirror will do)and LOTS of AA, C and D batteries. The last thing you want is for the vibrate feature on the bouncy seat to die halfway through a nap.
Take care!

Jessica Sheets said...

Ok, since I am in the throes of it a second time, let me share what I've learned with two kids: WARNING: I have tons of advice!:-) E-mail me your questions or maybe others will comment, too!

Everyone is talking about the SwaddleMe--This worked fabulous for Ella but Ezra broke free of it so quickly, as if he was an escape artist--but he slept better swaddled! So, we took the plunge and bought a Miracle Blanket. THE most awesome product invented--it swaddles better than all the others. (Videos of how they work on YouTube) YOu want at least one so that when they poop through one in the middle of the night you have another ready--we only have one and let's just say...I wish I had two. :-) Get the grandparents to help with these they,re $30, unless there's a deal for more than one??? Not sure.

Other stuff: Hyland's Chamomilla for gas and irritibility (homeopathic remedy instead of using mylicon which never worked for either of my kids)--get it at your local health food store.

Also, when teething hits, Hyland's makes Teething Tablets that are awesome. Ella and Ezra have each loved them--they dissolve on the tongue on contact. These are at Wal-mart so they obviously work!:-)

Whenever a shower is thrown for you, be sure to register for a play mat of some sort, especially one that can convert to tummy time or back. They usually come with dangly stuff the baby can focus on and eventually grasp. You can use a blanket for tummy time, too.

A bouncy seat that vibrates was Ezra's fave as a newborn (he's 41/2 mo now) whereas Ella LOVED her swing until she couldn't fit into it anymore. Ezra is starting to like now. Swings are pricey so hopefully you'll get a hand-me-down or just some awesome giftcards to Babies R Us. :-)

A Pack-n-Play is a must or you will never be able to travel easily ever again. Now, most come with the bassinet accesory. Ezra is still in our room in the pack-n-play w/ bassinet. Haven't moved him in with Ella yet. :-)

Pacifier: the only ones that ever worked for my kids were Avent ones, but they are breastfed kids so I think that is why. I have heard others say that NUK by Gerber worked for them.

Okay, so that was a ton of stuff thrown at you! Sorry! It's just very fresh in my mind!:-)

A Davis said...

Ha! Jessica, going on and on! i don't know if u know me, melissa, but i went to IWU, so hooked up with ur blog through Stevan's blog. Anyway, i have three, and i say the thing u absolutely can't do without is sleep! lol! so, i totally recommend u read "Babywise". It gives u all u need to know on how to get ur baby to sleep through the night by 3 months. My first slept through the night by six weeks, middle by 12 weeks, and my youngest by 2 weeks (I was lucky with her!)...anyway, out of anything, getting ur sleep early is a Godsend. And, it's worked for everybody i know who's read the book and follows the author's advice. Congratulations! and i hope everything goes smoothly for you guys in the coming months!

Travis and Sarah Bowers said...

What amazing news! Little girls are definately a blessing - ok so all babies are blessings, but my little girl has brought so much joy to my life...i am excited for you two to expirience the same!

My "must have's"...a boppy pillow (with a few covers), a pack n play, a baby bouncer chair, diaper genie... i will keep thinking.

Congrats again - can't wait to meet the little angel!

Linda Berg said...

So glad for you two! We have a December baby- now in High School. It's a fun and BUSY time of year to have a new baby in the house. I loved the boppy pillow and lots of books - we read to the boys from infancy on, before every nap and bedtime. They both LOVE to read now as teens. I also used On Becoming Baby Wise another friend of yours mentioned. Both our boys were great at bedtime and naps - put themselves to sleep and soothed themselves easily. All of our sitters were always amazed they never had to go to great lengths to put our boys to bed. It was a good book, (a bit dogmatic) but we took what worked for us out of it and were happy with it. ENJOY! Let's have a worship arts shower and CELEBRATE!! I'll be praying for you that this all goes smoothly.

Kim and Joel said...

COngrats! So excited for you both! We will be praying for a healthy delivery and for all to be in order by DECEMBER! WOW!
OK, so I don't have a baby yet (not until March), but from a nurse's perspective, one that works in the ER, you need a GOOD thermometer! Yes, very logical, but a must have. Spend the extra $$ and get a nice one. Also, get Tylenol. It will be your best friend. Also, one of the nasal sucker things to get the boogers out. I know, gross, but it's a necessity.
Keep us updated!

Doreen said...

Dear Melissa & Dave, Congratulations to both of you. I have not been on the blog for awhile. What wonderful news. Sorry I can't help with the baby items, since there are so many new things out there I really wouldn't be much help. You will learn as you go along. You will be excellent parents. I look forward to seeing pictures when she arrives. May God continue to bless you & your new precious baby girl on the way.

David and Andrea said...

I don't know if you remember me, I roomed with Laura & Jenn our last year at IWU. Laura keeps me up to date on everyone occasionally, and I stumbled onto your blog recently. SO happy for you guys, congratulations on getting your little girl SOON! I'm preggo with #2, and I second a few things people have already said after a rough, rough first year with my first! For my second I'm reading Babywise and am buying a Miracle Blanket... sleep was a huge struggle with Eli, so I'm trying to be better prepared this time!! SO many people swear by both of those. One thing I did with Eli that was great was to have him in a carrier a lot, at home and away. My carrier of choice was an Ergo, SO comfy for mom (or dad) and baby. I'm also planning to buy a Kangaroo Korner fleece sling for the first few months with this second one (recommended by Mckmama, if you know of her - as is the miracle blanket). A sound machine can also be helpful, Wal Mart sells a Homedics one for $20 in the candle aisle that has good white noise ("waterfall") and heartbeat sounds.

So, so happy for you guys! (:

Andrea (Noble) Byrd

CarrieAnn said...

Congratulations! That is awesome that you guys are going to be adding to your family! I am sure you are going to be getting a lot of great advice. I can throw my two cents in as well, I would definitely recommend the book "Babywise" by Gary Ezzo. Take it with a grain of salt though, especially with your new little one being adopted. We were pretty strict with our first two boys, and while that was great I realized a lot about children when we were going through the adoption process before we got pregnant with Annabel. Babies need so much from their parents and there is a lot to be said about being attached to your little one. I would say to use Babywise more as a guideline than anything.
The baby Ergo is wonderful too. (baby carrier) I LOVE mine as you can use it till they are really old (Joshua was three) and it's so easy to just pack along where ever we go just in case.
Congrats again! Kids are amazing!

The Maxeys said...

Looks like you've gotten lots of good advice. Just want to say congratulations!!!

Keri Early said...

Hey Melissa! Just checking in to see what was new with you . . . wow! Congratulations, so happy for you. Sounds like you have a lot of great equipment recommendations so I'll offer miscellaneous advice :-) Although I'm not an awesome singer, I love reading and singing to my boys. Book recommendations: Momma Loves You and Baby's First Bible (it has a little yellow handle). Song Recommendations: Make a list of all your favorite Sunday School songs or hymns in case you're too tired to think of some on the spot :-) Right before bed I always sing the same made up personalized song, I Love you a Bushel and a Peck, and Jesus Loves Me. Get lots of sleep while you can!

MelissaD said...

THAT IS AWESOME!!! I can't wait to hear the story! Oh, God is so good!