Sunday, July 26, 2009

To Indiana and Back

Two weeks ago we made a spontaneous trip down to Indiana and back. David's dad ended up in the hospital in Ft. Wayne for a couple of days and we thought he was going to require some pretty serious surgery for a while. He broke his nose in a few places and had several ruptured/bulged discs in his neck from a fall. Thankfully the Lord healed him enough that surgery didn't look necessary and the doctors have decided to see how things heal on their own. By the time David and I arrived and saw him, he was doing so much better we teased David's mom that it was all just some big elaborate (expensive) hoax just to get us down there. Once we were down there, we decided to just make a vacation out of it and stayed for several days. It was good to be able to visit with some family and see our nieces again. On our last night there we were able to pop on over to Ivanhoes for some ice cream and strawberry shortcake.

David's cup raneth over and made a very big mess!

Instead of driving straight home (about an 11 hour drive), we decided to split up the trip and spend the night in Chicago. We pricelined a hotel in Schaumburg for $35. Though my family lived in the Chicago area for 10 years, it was all after I graduated from high school so I've come to discover that I had somehow missed out on some Chicago staples. So we made a point to stay in the area long enough for 3 meals. We had lunch at Portillos so I could enjoy my Chicago style hotdog....

We had dinner at our favorite restraunt Rosebuds on Rush after watching Cirque Shanghii on Navy Pier. (no pictures of dinner or the show...)

And we had lunch the next day at Giordannos for my first authentic Chicago style deep dish pizza.

This post makes it look like we live for food. Well, when we're on vacation.... we kind of do!


Russ and Karla Patterson said...

Wow - all that food looks so good - and I am not hungry but would try some of all of it!!

Kim and Joel said...

You're killing me! IVANHOES! O my goodness-withdrawal, withdrawal!
Next time you come through Chicago, we only live about 5 minutes from Schaumburg, we serve FREE breakfast too!