Monday, December 10, 2007

Allie's Winter Workout

Minnesota winters can be pretty harsh. Long periods of time pass without being able to get the dog out for a little exercise. When we took Allie in for her spring check-up this year we discovered that she'd gained a whopping 5 pounds in only one year. So, we've been more intentional at trying to get Allie walked regularly and have switched to feeding her bites of apple instead of the normal dog treat.

A few days ago we tried something new. We'd seen Ceasar Millan do this on "The Dog Whisperer", so we thought we'd give it a shot. We had Allie walk on the treadmill. It took some bribery. She needed some motivation to walk towards. But she's been putting in about 1/2 mile each time she does it. Not quite as much as our normal outdoor walk, but better than nothing!

Enjoy the video!


the lambs said...

Good girl, Allie! (from Emily)

The Maxeys said...

This made me laugh! Yes, I've been stalking your blog! Merry Christmas, you two! (Lori Maxey)