Thursday, September 07, 2006

I'm famous!!!!

So, first of all, I guess I should share that school started this week. I would have blogged sooner about it but I've been SO STINKING BUSY! Even as I type I've got hours of lesson planning and grading haunting me, but it'll just have to wait because I had an amazing discovery this afternoon. My name, as far as the students are concerned is Mrs. Gafford. Not a common name; you don't regularly hear of Gaffords (outside of the few that you all know and love...). But before my kids came in from recess, I was looking over the math lesson and read the following:

Did you read the story problem next to letter a? It has my name! Right there in my math book was a story problem about Mrs. Gafford! I couldn't have been more shocked. Obviously I wouldn't have been so surprised if it was a more common name but I've never met a Gafford that I'm not related to (by marriage). I just got a kick out of that. I guess I'm easy to please. (My students thought it was pretty cool, too).


Keri said...

WOW that IS really cool!!!!

Jenn said...

I always knew you would be famous one day! Congrats.

The Claar Family said...

Melissa! I already knew you were famous because I was able to "find you" on the internet! It would be so great to catch up with you! My email is, and I just started a blog, too.
~Amy Claar (Hays)

Hummel Family said...

i just wanna say that I appreciate you for praying for us in the classroom! That means so much.

We enjoyed seeing your bro and Brianne over the weekend. They are looking good and still happy in love as ever!

Hope your new school is going well.

Josie said...

I just happened upon your blog site after reading the SHS reunion book. I am so proud to say that I know someone "famous" :-) I saw your picture too.. You haven't changed a bit! We should chat sometime when you are not soooooo busy. :-) my e-mail address is

-Josie (wooster)

worshipful1 said...

Thanks for you comments about my kids! :) And, on a side note, can I get an autograph, MRS. GAFFORD?