Monday, August 28, 2006


David and I were out this evening and happened upon this sign. I'm all for setting a time limit for the prime parking spots, but this is asking a bit much, don't you think?


Dan & Angie said...

Hey that is hilarious...I guess you have to literally run in and out of the store! :)

Hey...I just read your little blurb under your picture closely, and it says that your little family consists of Melissa and Allie. What about you David, are you chopped liver? Just kidding. Have a great day you guys!


Jenn said...

Too funny! I know that everything is fast paced these days but that seems a bit much! hehehe

Hummel Family said...

ha ha ha!

It must be a Minnesota thing! That is pretty crazy stuff.

Kim and Joel said...

WOW! Those northern's must be really fast shoppers!

Keetha said...

I quote Jenn, "Too Funny!!!" And being from the portion of WI which is directly east of there, AND having never seen a "1 Minute Parking" sign myself - - - - - I don't think it's a northern thing. Must just be a Minnesota thing. :-)

I did think it might be fun to start a list of the POSSIBLE "doings" that could be accomplished in only one minute. I'm not coming up with many - - - - - - - - possibly "pick my nose" could head that list.

Kristen said...

That is AWESOME!